Hurricane NYC 2011 Will

I wrote a will few years ago when I flew to Japan or something... this will voids the previous will. (how can I make this legal? Ju? Jeff? Wook? any idea?)

In case I die in the Hurricane:

Edwin W. - xbox 360 since he sold his with all games. (+ useless HD player) And watches.
Yuki - My clothes, nano, TV, Sony PSP with all games, toys that are more for guys
Yuka - iPad, toy collection that are more girly
Bonny L. - Any food left at my place, blu-ray player and movies
Ed K. - Nike Gyuakusou Jacket, iPhone 4, Camera lens
Paul K. - My bicycle (even though he thinks it's girly)
Parents - All my money, macbook pro, apple time machine, roomba
Timmy C. - My Apple monitor and Magic track pad (not sure why you'd need it) Sketch Book
Judy C. - Canon 40d and my Lumix camera
Whoever can fit into 8.5 - my Shoe Collection
Benny M. - Eames red chair not sure why
Dan S. - Prints/posters - Bottle of yamazaki and blue label
Josh C. - Knoll life chair. very comfortable and the Herman miller desk
Sister - Any Kiehls products and toiletries, couch
Ju - Bookshelf with any book all my books
Grace C. - Bottle of jameson
Kevin P. - My BAC stocks
Jeff W. - My GOOG stocks


My top 10 atheletes

Watched the HBO Jeter documentary this sunday. Really enjoyed it. Which got me thinking, who are my top 10 athletes of all time? Here is my list:

Honorable mentions: ronnie lott (best tackles), kim yuna (cute), eddie jones (too bad he never won with the lakers), andre agassi (fun to watch), Carl Lewis (fast)

10. Mariano Rivera - You knew the game was over when he came in the ball game. (too bad he's in a rare funk currently)

9. SHAQ - not the current shaq, but the shaq of when he came to the Lakers.

8. Barry Sanders. Love watching him. He actually looked like a nimble lion on the field.

7. Deion Sanders - Didn't really care for his baseball skillz, but Deion as cornerback... crazy.

6. Magic Johnson. Mr. SHOWTIME. Reason I'm a Lakers/NBA fan. I still remember the time when I was at my high school cross country match, and one of my classmate came and was telling everyone that he has AIDS. (later found out he was HIV+) We all thought he was going go die in a week or so. No one felt like running that day.

5. Bo Jackson - This was probably because of Nike and the "bo knows" campaign. I really thought he could do everything except play hockey. Watching him on the Rrrrraiders.

4. Derek Jeter - Consummate professional. Still remember going to a yankees game 4-5 years ago, and there's this little jewish kid who sat in front of me. Every time Jeter came up to bat, he would say "Jeter..." in admiration.

3. Jerry Rice. The reason I got into football. Touchdown king. I had one poster where he just scored a touchdown, and a San Diego Chargers player was on the ground and you know he couldn't catch up. The poster just says "Just Did It"

2. Kobe Bryant - 2nd best nba player ever. Was at the game where he dropped 61 on the knicks at the garden. The best game I've ever went to in my life.

1. Michael Jordan - I think at my peak I had 27 posters up, 11 Wheaties boxes featuring Jordan, was in the "jordan fan club". My favorite jordans: jordan #5. Greatest athlete ever. I watched him play around 4 times in my life. One time I was at a clippers and... don't remember the other team... at the sports arena, and Jordan walks in during the 2nd quarter with his entourage and sits in the stands (not even in the nice section but in the same floor as I was. Of course everyone stopped watching the game and all eyes were on jordan just sitting there (and few other Bulls with them)



So I have pretty vivid dreams... I try to write them down immediately.
Here are some:

Was in a western themed casino and i noticed the dice were all burned in or carved, so you couldn't really see the numbers clearly. One of the rolls, he hit a glass cup that was on the table, and even though it was a 7, the pit bosses were looking so everyone yelled out 6! and i grabbed the dice and threw it back. Then friend next to me through out 3 dollars and grabbed for the chips, to get his change, but the dealer got angry cuz you're not suppose to touch the chips so he had him escorted out of the casino. i exchanged 50 bucks but noticed the table limit was 15.. (thought it was 5) I was trying to teach my friends so I kinda felt bad that the limit was so high. My other bigger friend (looked like felipe, but not sure) changed 100 dollars and just started placing on the number at the top. The point was somehow 3 and i wanted to put my odds on, but the table didn't have pass line.. more like complicated set of random instructions so i just put the money behind. But my pass line bet was for the 4 instead of the 3 which was quite bizarre. When the shooter after 6 or 7 rolls hit the "3" point, I said my money is on the pass line, but the dealer refused to pay me, saying I was asian and all my kind of people cheat. So I called security and I started running around looking for them, and the old western dealer was chasing me around the casino. Eventually caught both of us and they said something like they had complains about him before. They were checking my bag also to see if I was telling the truth, and I was a little nervous because I was suppose to go to Bahamas or something, and i had a lot of cash in the bag with me and was fearful that they were gonna think it was drug money. But all they saw were my jackets at the top and closed the bag back up.

I was rooming with dwight howard, but we both kind of wanted to move out. He was telling me that he can probably make more somewhere else like 20 million dollar a year. He pointed across the room and he was saying how it's amazing to have the top atheletes in one room. He said the woman is annoying, but ranked #1 in women's soccer. She wasn't there at the time. In the dream, dwight wasn't that tall, but still pretty buff. And then I had to go outside to see how I can move out all this stuff to my car, and then turned out my "mom" was there but she happened to be this black muscular woman and was taller than dwight howard. So we were saying no wonder I was such a good athlete, cuz I'm half black. In the dream, i believed it.

Driving yellow mini around wrecklessly in the woods. House with a lady inside who I picked up? But somehow I wasn't suppose to be there. Went to bike shop to get my handle pads replaced, Asian guy said my bike is outdated cuz it was acrylic. But said nice handles. Some kid in line asked how much was my bike. I said 4000, and him and his mom doubted it. Told him I bought with my own money and that I have a house. Sorta bossing him around. Felt bad, asked what school he went to. I heard him say San Marino, and I said I went there. But the kids looked puzzled, the bike check out guy indicated I heard wrong. And kid repeated san eagle or something. An elementary school. That made sense cuz they were young.

First was in a line to watch a lame fake water polo match but in thrnpast second, they were bringing in kobe bryant so we got closer to the pool and qll these thugs rushed the pool and they kicked them out, so had to try again then, it became a long line. Was in a long line In a mansion that went all over a victorian house. At the end, sam was there an d complaining they couldn't so their act. But another group was doing their act. Then there was dancing with fire outside and it was part of work, but they told me I wasn't needed. End of a dance, there was a girl that turned a mess into a nicely folded tatame mats. Then there was try outs and found out they were making zombies head with face recognition software for the haunted mansion ride. Tony said it's top secret and sent me pics of what Edison did. And since I submitted a pic of myself in a jack o lattern head, they couldn't convert me.


2010 State of the Stephen

Department of Family: Parents still live in LA. Sister moved into their new homes. I think for the most part everyone is happy and healthy so it's good! Nephew Niece probably still studying from 7am to 10pm... don't think I've ever worked so much in my life. Too bad we all live so far apart.

Grade: (A-)

Department of Friends: Great friends. In LA and NY. Perhaps need to branch out more and find some new blood. Going to the NBA All Star game this weekend with bunch of my friends from LA. Should be fun!

Grade: (B+)

Department of Labor: I've been fortunate to work on bunch of fun projects this year. Rolex, Home Depot, Betty Crocker, Adobe stuff. Zero complaints from me! And great hours. But stupid Wieden never called me back after having an interview with them last year for freelance.

Grade: (A)

Department of Health: Still haven't been sick for the past 2.5 years or so. Good sign. But when I do get sick, it's pneumonia or appendicitis. Could exercise more, but it's just too dang cold to go running or biking

Grade: (B)

Department of Technology:
I will upgrade my macbookPro/iPhone soon... hopefully in June? Will not buy the iPad, but want to test it out. Bought StarTrek® the movie for 16.99 from Amazon.com which I must say is a good deal.

Grade (C)

Department of Gaming:
Xbox: I was playing NBA 2k10, but had to go to war... so now playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2® Probably the best game ever created.
iPhone: Bejweled & Words with Friends (nobu23 in case anyone wants to play me.) I've only lost twice I believe in Words with Friends... Bejeweled is fun, but fricken Lani wins everytime so there's no point in playing it.
Computer Game: NONE. Waiting for Diablo 3.. but probably will come out in 2050 when I am about to die.

Grade (A)

Department of Apartment:
So it's around my 4th year or so living on St. Marks. And still love the location. But I get sunlight from the window MAYBE 5 min. a day which is really sad. The crazy/evil child has now grown up and doesn't cry and shout anymore. BUT the crazy rabid dog next door is still big and still very annoying. (one night howled the entire night...) The chicken place next door has closed down... but now they are doing daily constructions which wakes me up earlier than I want to be woken up. Tried looking for an apartment, but perhaps too many risks in the one place I was looking at.

Grade (B-)

Calculation: 3.75+3.25+4+3+2+4+2.75 = 22.75/7
Life: 3.25. A solid B+



So I just finished taking my clothes out of the dryer, and I hear an old ladies voice:

Old woman: Is the dyer still hot?
Nobu: Yea... I guess I just took my clothes out of the dryer

Old woman: That's not what I asked. Is the dryer still hot?
Nobu: I guess... since I just used it.

Crazy Lady: Don't you speak ENGLISH?
Nobu (not wanting to deal with her anymore): NOPE!

Nobu: Okay!

Crazy Lady keeps muttering to herself in disgust



bike ride vs. subway/walk to work

Biking to work

• Some exercise
• Get to work faster (work at 11th and
• Save about 5 bucks a day (rt subway if without monthly pass)
• Enjoy the scenery

• Biking in the dark, hard to see
• Sweaty coming to work.
• Can't wear "nicer stuff" because of reason above
• Get weird helmet pattern on my head
• Dodge cars/taxis in the dark
• Cobblestone streets - impossible to ride
• Getting colder. Especially by the water
• Rain sucks




One of the highlight of our trip. We got to japan on September 1, and I've been following the Odaibah Gundam prior to going to Japan. They said they were going to take the robot down on 8/31. So We were REALLY happy when we saw Gundam still standing there. (They were taking the foot off when we got there) We thought it'd be bigger, but still was totally cool. There is no point or moral to this story.

Too bad though Gundam couldn't help bm, ry, jc, tc, ss, jw... They all got pretty sick. But at least it was towards the end of the trip.